Teaching your dog how to walk next to you, in steps, without pulling is absolutely vital in his or her daily training. This is what leash training is all about. A happy dog is one who knows that a leash is a reminder that for the duration of the walk, he or she is to stay next to you.  Of course, a happy dog will also know that the time for running wild, in an environment you will have chosen will come soon enough.

Therefore, you must teach your dog to walk on a leash so you can safely take him outside and enjoy a daily walk between friends. Like other training activities, though, you should always be careful with rescued dogs as they might have bad experiences in the past with such leashes. Ease your pet into the process by taking the right steps and with great kindness.

Leash Training

Before actually introducing your pet to the leash, though, you should choose the right kind of collar for their needs first. Harnesses and flat collars are deemed as the most humane options in the market today as they won’t hurt your pet if they tend to pull on the leash. Other types like choker collars and pinch collars are not recommended by a lot of animal welfare groups as not only do they hurt your pet but they can also strangle your pup.

To introduce your dog to the leash, the first thing you need to do is to get your pup acquainted with the leash. They need to know that the collar and leash are their friends and it can take them to adventures. Let them play with it on a few occasions before making them wear it to get them accustomed to the feel. If you were able to make your pup wear the collar and leash without any problems, giving them a treat is essential. This will help them get more used to the accessory.

It will be best if your pet knows how to come to you when called before taking them on walks. This will ensure that you can already start them on their Loose Leash Training that will make your walks easier and less stressful for all the parties involved. Just make sure to skip the harness during this process as this accessory only lets your pet to pull easier as they get to use most of their body weight to drag you along.

I think we can all agree that walking next to your dog, a leash relaxed is a luxury that only well trained dogs can provide. Spend some time on this, and I guarantee both you and your dog will look forward to your next walk on a daily basis.

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