Clickers are deemed as some of the most useful training tools today. The sounds they make are quick cues that can prompt your pup to do what they’re trained to do, giving them another marker that helps remind them how to react to commands. While not everyone is a fan of these tools, they have been proven to be very effective and humane, so they’re definitely worth a shot.

If you wish to try clicker training, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Timing is everything. You should click while your pet is exhibiting the wanted behavior and not after it. This way, you can effectively mark the exact action and your pet will clearly understand that what they just did is what you want them to do.
  • Use treats with your clicker. To really reinforce your pup’s wanted behavior, you should still give them treats to reward them.
  • Carry the clicker around during your play and quality time with the pup and click when they do something cute that you want them to do again. Click when they tilt their head, hold a foot up, or chase their tail among many others.
  • Never mix click training with scolding and punishments. This will confuse your pup.

Dogs are extremely intelligent animals and are always eager to learn.  Their inherent ability to understand and love humans is what makes them the incredible companions we all love. Dogs will always try to understand what you tell them, but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the two of you speak the same language.

Tools are uniquely efficient at helping your dog become trained, but the most important tool of all is of course your love, patience and ability to communicate.