Dogs have been very popular pets for many years. The bonding of dog and man has been mutually satisfying on many levels. But, since you’re the human, it’s up to you take care of your dog. Following are some tips that will help you make sure your dog is healthy and happy.

It’s very important to make sure that your home is safe for a dog. Your entire home should be safe prior to bringing the dog inside. Hide medications and chemicals, cover your trash, and put food where he can’t get to it. Keep house plants out of his reach, especially if they could be poisonous.

Neuter or spay the dog. Your pet stands to enjoy a significantly better (and longer) life. It’s been verified through research that this simple procedure reduces cancer risks and provides other benefits, too. Dogs who have been neutered or spayed are also less likely to run or wander away from home.

Always make sure to keep any prescription medications away from your dog. The same holds true for over-the-counter meds. Swallowing just a few pills could lead to catastrophic health issues for your dog, including a seizure or heart attack. If your dog eats your medication, see a vet right away.

TIP! If you have medication for you or a family member, be certain your dog cannot reach it. Your dog could be seriously injured or killed by ingesting a couple of small pills.

Be careful of the ingredients in many flea treatments. Quite a few of them use ingredients that are very unsafe for kids, including an ingredient that has been linked to cancer. Ask your vet for recommendations. Be sure to keep children away while you’re applying any flea treatment.

Table Scraps

Avoid giving your pup table scraps. This will encourage constant begging and reduce their appetite towards their own food. Table scraps can also be unhealthy and lead to excess weight and digestive problems. Resist the temptation and only give dog food to your pup.

Talk to the veterinarian about the proper amount of food for your dog. While some people follow the direction on the back of the dog food packaging, they are sometimes incorrect and may make your dog overweight. Speak with your veterinarian about what your dog’s needs are and what amounts are proper.

TIP! Ask your vet the amount of food your dog needs daily. It is important to follow guidelines for the sake of your dog’s health.

Speak with your vet about the amount of food you should be feeding your dog each day. While there are those that feed their dog whatever it says on the package, this may not be good for your dog and can make it overweight. Speak to the vet about what makes sense for your dog.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Dogs need game time and regular exercise to keep them mentally and physically healthy and happy. From a walk to chasing a ball, everything counts. It also grows your bond with the dog.

Get your new pet a veterinary exam. Once the dog arrive home, place a call to the vet and schedule that appointment. The vet will examine your dog. In addition, consult your vet about spaying or neutering your dog. The shelters are already overcrowded, so you do not want to make that problem worse.

Correct bad behavior the first time you see it from your dog. Ignoring it for any length of time will only make it that much more difficult to contain later and you never know what could happen as a result of it now. Your dog might hurt someone else, or you, so take steps to control him early on.

TIP! Take the time to correct bad behavior in your dog at the first sign of it. If you ignore any issue with your pet then later on it’s going to be harder to train it to obey because it doesn’t know any better.

Teach your dog the right way to walk with a leash. Your dog should remain at your side and know the command “heel.” This will keep him safe, and it’ll make walks more enjoyable. Even if you decide to give him additional slack on the leash from time to time, teaching your dog to heel remains an important task as a pet owner.

Trimming around the paws of your dog will ensure your dog’s fur doesn’t get matted. You should use a comb to straighten out the hair a bit before trying to trim it. If this process is something with which you are uncomfortable, have a professional groomer do the job.

Vitamins are not necessarily a good thing for your dog. If your dog’s already getting the nutrients that it needs, you won’t need to add vitamins to its diet. Too many vitamins can damage his body, particularly the bones, joints and blood vessels. Have a conversation with your veterinarian before adding any vitamins to your dog’s diet.

Daily brushing your dog has more benefits that just reducing shedding. Brushing keeps the coat shiny and healthy. The brushing motion will distribute the oil through the dog’s fur.

TIP! Brushing your dog daily will do more than keep them from shedding all over your home. Brushing your pup daily will help make their coat shiny.

Don’t let the temperature of your dog’s nose be the indicator of his health. Your dog can be sick even if his nose is healthy. Your dog’s health can be judged by his demeanor, appetite and energy level. These signs more accurately foretell the state of your dog’s health. You can also check your dog’s temperature rectally.

When you commence the training process, try different reward methods. Figure out what motivates your dog to perform well. Dogs that are driven by food may respond to small bits of hot dog used as rewards. If you have a dog that loves toys, play a game with them quickly after they do something you trained them to do. Quality time spent giving them a good petting can even do the trick.

Make sure that you give the same amount of attention to all types of dogs. He may develop bad habits including digging, chewing and excessive barking. Your dog could also become nervous or fearful of people. Your dog needs lots of play and love to ensure his happiness.

Keep the nails on your dog trimmed. The nails can cause the dog discomfort if they start to curl under. You can buy clippers in a pet store and do them yourself. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you can take him to the groomers and have them done for very little money.

TIP! Make sure that your dog’s nails are trimmed weekly. Once the nails start to curl under, they can cause your dog a great deal of pain.

Remain firm. Dog owners at times think it’s fine to let them destroy toys every now and then, or to sneak food to them sometimes. This is particularly the case when the dog is very cute! Consistency is key. For instance, you may give your dog your food when eating, but he will come to think they can jump on the table and steal your whole steak.

Talk to your vet to learn which food is right for your dog. There are dogs that could have health problems and need to be on certain diets. If you have a dog like this, the wrong food might be bad for his health. Follow your vet’s recommendations closely.

Make an effort to select your dog’s food with care. Not all brands of dog food are equal, and food that costs the most is not always the best. Ask a veterinarian to recommend a brand that is best for your dog’s age, breed and health. The best way to ensure a healthy dog that lives a long life is by feeding him only the best food.

Providing foster care for a homeless dog can be a great way to see if you are suited to care for a dog. The shelters are full of homeless pups and lack many resources because of the overcrowding. You can give a hand by fostering a dog without a home and try on the role of dog owner too!

TIP! If you are not sure whether dog ownership is a good idea for you, then you might want to try being a foster care provider for a needy dog. Many homeless and abused animals are waiting in shelters for someone to adopt them and with over-crowding, resources are slim.

As a dog owner, you need to repay your dog’s affection with responsible, reliable care. Apply the tips you just read to make sure your dog is happy and in good health. Just implement a few of these tips into your household plan, and you will see some serious improvements in your dog very quickly.

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